We have candidates in the works, who have not yet announced, and are currently recruiting candidates for all levels of government, from municipal to state. If you are interested in running, please contact us so we can discuss ways we can support your campaign and help you get elected.


If you are an enrolled Green Independent holding an elected office, please let us know, so we can add you to our list.


Current elected officeholders by rank:


Joshua Plourde, Bangor City Council (Penobscot County) term through Nov 2017

Peter Starostecki, Standish Town Council

Patricia Jackson, Mount Vernon Select Board

Anna Trevorrow, Board of Education, At-large, Portland (Cumberland County) term through Nov 2017

John Eder, Board of Education, At-large, Portland (Cumberland County) term through Nov 2017

Holly Seeliger, Board of Education, District 2, Portland (Cumberland County) term through Nov 2018

Sam Pfeiffle, Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) 15, Gray/New Gloucester term through June 2018

Gil Harris, Budget Committee, Limerick (York County) term through March 2019

Justin Reinhardt, Budget Committee, Limerick (York County)

Candidates and Elected Officials

In order to fulfill our mission -- the transformation of public policy through the implementation of the 10 Key Values -- the most important thing we can do as a political party is to offer the voters a real choice of candidates who are not beholden to corporate interests.


When Greens get elected, we realize opportunities to effect meaningful change. Please contact us if you are interested in running for office.